Why I’m Broke & Unbroken

Why am I broke

Well, I’m a senior in college who hasn’t ever worked (for pay) during the school year. Therefore, I’m broke, and I will remain this way until after I graduate and land my first job. Nothing is more terrifyingly exciting to me.

Why am I unbroken

This is what my blog is mostly about. I write to express the thoughts in my head with hopes someone will gain something from them.

I live my life with a goal of happiness. Real, true, indescribable happiness – nothing less. So far, I’ve achieved just that. When I say I’m happy, I don’t mean I never have bad days, and I’m not looking to persuade anyone to think I live a perfect life. When I have a bad day, though, I’m still happy in my heart.

Being happy takes courage. It takes a real desire to attain the goals you’ve set for yourself. It takes being down to get up.

I will not let myself be broken. I will always pick myself back up so I can keep moving. I’m a dreamer and a lover, and I have frequent thoughts about my current state of happiness and how I can stay happy in my future.

I will explore these thoughts via this blog. Explore them with me!


“Everything is a gift of the universe–even joy, anger, jealously, frustration, or separateness. Everything is perfect either for our growth or our enjoyment.” Ken Keyes Jr.


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